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How to assemble a "cardboard mini model".


All sheets are supplied in A4 format and be printed on white cardboard with different weights of approximately 180g / m To build it there is no special knowledge needed, but a steady hand does help.

The minimum tools are: a sharp hobby knife, a tweezers, a ruler, sharp scissors and hobbyglue. As secondary tools we need a cutting mat, a potato peeler, a pin or needle, perspex and a whetstone. A whetstone is a stone for sharpening knives and chisels. The mat is made of cardboard or a piece of plywood. A potato peeler is used with the blunt edge to make the notch. (A notch is to make a very neatly fold.) Make the blade more blunt when you have a whetstone. A whetstone is a stone for sharpening knives and chisels. To make the notch we prick small holes from the front, so we can make the notch at the back with the knife and the ruler, The holes are made from the pin or a sharp knife. I use velpon. Contact Adhesive. It earned strong recommendation that the white cardboard behind more tightly thick cardboard, plywood, or Perspex (2mm) to paste. Perspex is transparent plastic, in a hardware store to get. Choose a tube with a small spout to close and clean work. Always work on a clean piece of cardboard. It is advisable to treat the model after finishing with Fotolack (lackspray or clear varnish spray). ( spray thin twice.) To protect this against humidity and decoloring.

When necessary the carvings for the blunt knife is been depicted with a line(----) . this represent a fold backwards. a line dotted line (-.-.-.-) depicts a fold forwards. a fold backwards is made first with a mark from the front as descripted, then turn it over and on the back make the carve (notch) with the blunt edge of the knife and ruler.

Cut only what you need, so keep your workplace tidy. First carf the folding lines, make the holes for the windows and doors and then cut the pieces out. For askings or suggestions sent an email to " We wish you a lot of pleasure with your house(s)

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