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Contactperson:   Frans Kaizer
Bankaccount:ABN AMRO 513 933 190
Chamber of commerce no: 14091041

About us


the chief designer is a Senior designer. He taught himself many computer programs. He is as well a structural as a piping designer. He has always an interest in Architecture. Perhaps many cities will be flooded and so those should be as best documented as possible. This with these modern techniques you can build them so realistic. So we must all cities on sea level with architectural value convert into cut-outs as priority . There are still a lot of nice functions in the future. A miniature city Madurodam, as is making. two houses we already have.

There are other plans and capacities for the publishing of mills, Oil rigs and refineries . This would be also useful to instruct.To instruct operators such as mechanics, operators, designers, assembly leaders, process engineers and maintenance specialists The main designer of booming3d has a wealth of experience with this subjects.
. There use to be the making of Complete plastic models. At this moment this still happens in India.