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If you want to buy something please sent an email to "" and pay in advance.

with the smaller scales they shipping cost are included. {If you order a scale between 1:76 and 1:25 please email us before you buy, then we calculate the shipping costs the triplex should be included.}

The email should contain the productname(s) and the scales you wish.

and your complete adress informations and hobbies.

send your money to the dutch account

of abnamro at Heerlen ,Netherlands

Swift nummer: ABNANL2A

IBAN NL41ABNA0590296329

Thank you for your interest.

General Conditions for Buying

( 1 ) The Order will be sent as soon the money is at our account. The drawings must be printed. And some deformations must be done.
( 2 ) You can withdraw the order within 7 days.If it was not delivered you get your money back. Is it already delivered you must sent it back you pay fot the post, . You sent an email to " or message to my handy nr: +31655904484. We sent the adress were to sent back to you.
( 3 ) It is forbidden to copy or publish the cardboard minimodel. If you have problems or remarks sent an email to '' or sent a message to +31655904484