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What we do

1. Custom made cut-outs miniature houses
2. cardboard mini model to sell in the (web)shop

3. For schools, community centers and scouts to prepare projects.

See services.

We make cardboard mini model on request of any desiredbuilding!
The applications are: advertising to selling a house or an giveaway. item with an reopening a historic building.
We are fast and competitively priced, so ask for a fast free quote.
For more information visit services

2. cardboard mini model to sell

with the latest techniques miniature houses. We use a professional camera and the latest computer programs.
The plastic industry provides a lot of unity. (Many from Germany). To make experiment is expensive. To conquer new market difficult. We try to make just as good as plastic models.

We hope our example Amsterdam canal houses also to serve tourists from Europe and the world and attract many souvenirs have not bought because the trunk was full.

We want to be active in the architectonic area. We want to help teachers with 3d models. Also in the third world are many beautiful buildings.

We give several scales off. We use paper on plywood in the larger scales such as 1:35.
If there is enough demand, we can buy equipment tp print directly on treated plywood printing.